Public Fitness

While enjoying the Community Playground in Winter Park, FL the other day with my family, I came across something that I thought was really interesting and it speaks to a community's commitment to providing opportunities for all citizens to live a healthier lifestyle.  What the city has provided is an area along a walking/jogging path to perform various exercises similar to what you would find in a gym.

I am sure that we have all seen these before in our own communities, but I have never seen them installed with such quality and with as many options.  As you can see in the photos (which are not of Community Playground.  The ones I took were not as good as what I found on the internet), all the exercise machines are made with high grade steel and don't require much maintenance.  Also, they do not have the added complication of weights that need to be adjusted.  It is all resistance training (some of the machines have the option to adjust resistance).